A Genuine cuisine
from the spice islands

Bali … a volcanic island of the Indonesian archipelago with fantastic landscapes and the original culture has made it one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Les touristes qui découvrent Bali, découvrent aussi une cuisine typique mêlant plusieurs influences : celle de toutes les autres régions Indonésiennes, mais aussi des apports de la gastronomie Chinoise ou Indienne.

This cuisine offers a rich variety of spices, vegetables, meats and fish.
Like all Asian countries, rice remains the central element of the meal, besides in Bali the rice culture is secular, with irrigation techniques and traditional terraced agriculture that can be admired throughout the world. Island (Subak Technique).

The Balinese and Indonesian cuisine has recently made the news with the list of the best dishes in the world established by CNN in 2017 (World’s 50 best foods) nominating the Rendang best dish in the world, and the Nasi Goreng in second place!

If you want to discover the different flavors of the Balinese cuisine, the rijsttafel is a good choice, it offers a wide assortment of Indonesian recipes to share with diners around the table.

The chef of Bali Djakarta realizes all his Indonesian dishes with fresh quality products, without an ounce of sodium monoglutamate that is banned from our home…

I hope you enjoy your Indonesian meal. We put all our heart and do our best so that you enjoy every moment spent with us.