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My family left Indonesia in 1963 for what was to be a three-year diplomatic mission.

Minister and then ambassador of Sukarno, my father was "de facto" exiled with his family since Suharto's coup d'état in 1965 and this during his 33 years in power.

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From Havana, my father's last post, the adventure led us to Paris to create in 1985, another type of Indonesian embassy resolutely dedicated to promote Indonesia through its culture and especially its cuisine: The Indonesian restaurant DJAKARTA BALI was born.

This Indonesian restaurant has been the only link between Indonesia and my family for a long time, we have loaded it sentimentally. May it somehow ease your soul and transport you to a world of sensations.

On his side, President Abdurahman Wahid invited us to return to Indonesia in 1999, may he be thanked.

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