Since we are going to spend
the night together...

My family left Indonesia in 1963 for what was supposed to be a 3 year diplomatic mission.

A Minister and then ambassador of Sukarno, my father and family were sent into exile ” de facto ” at the moment of the Suharto ” putsch ” in 1965, and this exile lasted for the 33 years the Suharto reign.

From Havana, my father’s last posting, the adventure led us to Paris to create, in 1985, another kind of ” Indonesian embassy ” fully dedicated to the promotion of Indonesia through its culture, and more particularly its cuisine : DJAKARTA BALI was born.

This place has for long been the only link between Indonesia and my family, and it is loaded with emotion. May it somewhat heal your soul and take you to a world of sensations…

On his investiture in 1999, President Abdurahman Wahid invited us to go back to Indonesia..